Garage Floors

The garage floor of your home may have changed over time. It is not uncommon for the garage floor to virtually sink lower over time. This happens over time just due to settling. You may notice this if you have large cracks forming on the surface.

What You Can Expect from a New Garage Floor

At Conicella, we remedy this with superior workmanship and service. One of the options we have is to excavate the area to dig deeper. By doing this, we can create a thicker base. We add a layer of clean stone on top of this before installing the garage floor. This method is what we use when we add garage floors to new construction, but we can also use it to repair a damaged garage floor.

To ensure the comprehensive stability of the garage floor, we drill 5/8 rebar deep into the house foundation. This helps to stop any current sinking from occurring. Then, we pour six inches of 4000 PSI base cover the concrete wire. This prevents any additional damage while also ensuring the long-term functionality of your garage floor.

Why Choose Us for Your Garage Floor Needs?

Whether you need to install a new garage floor or need repairs for an existing one, our team at Conicella ensures the work is done properly, on time, and within your budget. The method we use helps to minimize the risk of damage to your garage floor due to sinking or heavy objects. Yet, it is critical to get a customized quote for the work you need to complete before you move forward. Schedule a consultation with our experienced professionals today. Call Conicella today for a consultation and an estimate for any type of garage floor project. We can help with both residential and commercial garage floor projects.

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