Proper grading of your property is essential. It helps ensure that water moves properly away from the home or building. Land grading, or leveling, is designed to minimize the risk of water damaging the foundation of the building. It has to be done by a licensed professional to ensure long-term and effective results.

How Can We Help You with Grading?

At Conicella, our team will work with you to excavate the area. This helps to ensure the actual site is higher, allowing water to drain away from it. To accomplish this, we cut dirt from higher spots and use that to fill in the low spots. This procedure, called cut and fill grading, is highly effective and ensures a level, safe yard. We also provide grading services to slope the land away from the construction site, which can help to ensure proper drainage is provided.

With grading, we prevent water from moving in the wrong direction. We can also grade areas, so you have a flat surface for the addition of a swing set or a shed. If you are planning to do a large project at your home, such as adding a pool, home addition, or doing other types of construction work, we encourage you to talk to us today about your excavation needs.

Why Trust Conicella with Grading Work?

Our team is licensed and experienced to handle all types and scales of grading. This includes new construction and established properties. We use the proper equipment to minimize damage and to ensure the very best results possible. In all cases, the work we provide to you is done up to local building codes. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the grading needs for your property.

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