Patios / Walkways

There’s something special about having a patio outside of your door. At Conicella, we can install concrete patios and walkways for you in no time. Concrete patios are perhaps the most common option because they are a cost-effective way of creating more exterior living space. We offer all three patio options, including stone, pavers, and concrete. Another key benefit of concrete is that it doesn’t require much maintenance and continues to add value to your home for years – even decades – to come.


What Makes Our Patio and Walkway Service Best?

We strive to ensure you have the very best finished project. That starts with creating a strong foundation to work from within the patio and walkway. We use rebar, concrete wire, and 4000 PSI concrete when installing the patio. This helps ensure long-term strength and durability for your concrete patio and each of the walkway areas.

Most of the time, we can complete the job quickly for you, too. Depending on the size and specifications, most patios and walkways can be completed in about three days from start to finish. We also provide colored concrete. This allows us to complete your patio in a wide array of colors. This is a fantastic way to add value and uniqueness to your outdoor space.

Why Trust Conicella with Your Patio and Walkway?

With such a wide range of services to offer to our clients, coupled with a dedication to superior workmanship, you can depend on Conicella for any type of patio project you have. We create patios and walkways for residential and commercial property owners, designing unique sizes and shapes for just about any need you have.

Call us today to schedule a consultation and a free estimate for a new concrete patio or walkway around your property. Depend on Conicella for superior workmanship start to finish.

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