Adding a beautiful patio to your home extends your living space and creates the ideal place to entertain. When considering an outdoor patio and entertaining area, our team at Conicella can help ensure the work is done with top top quality craftsmanship. Adding a new patio to your home adds value to it, especially when it’s done well. Let our team work with you to envision your goals for this space and help make it come to life.

Choosing the Right Patio Layout and Design

The team at Conicella will work closely with you to create a patio that works for any of your needs. From pavers to stone patios, we create a space that is perfectly suited to your home. You can do more than create just a patio, too. We can help you with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or water feature. You can also build retaining walls around it to create more of an enclosed space.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Needs

Conicella works with a wide range of material types, each offering something special. A few of the other services we recommend during your patio installation include the following:

  • Belgium Block: This is an excellent type of stone that works well to define a garden bed or to create an entrance to a driveway. It is also a good option for around your patio.
  • Stone/Brick Veneer: Adding stone veneer to the walls surrounding your patio can add more interest and beauty to the space. Brick and stone veneer is also a cost-effective way to boost your home’s value and give it character.

Why Choose Us for Your Patio?

We treat each project as if it is for our own use. We’ll discuss your patio ideas with you, design a space that fits your specific goals, and then get started on time. From the pavers and stone patio foundations to the features and structural components that surround it, you’ll love the results you get when you work with our team.

Contact us today to learn more about our patio services!